What on earth is this funny little pink thing with only one tooth? His name’s Microbin, but he’s invisible to our eyes, it’s only his own kind who can see him.

Microbin is a microbe, and frankly, he’s not the smartest. All he wants is to sneak inside somebody to them sick, and that’s why he hides inside an apple.

Ubloa sees that the apple has a little black spot (which is where Microbin is hiding away), but as she can’t see him, she eats it anyway, not knowing that she’ll feel really bad afterwards.

By the time she gets to the City of Science, Ubloa has a terrible tummy ache, and it’s her best friend Papageno who goes to look for help.

You can read the full story, Microbin, to discover how this adventure ends, and the book includes fun games and an audio version in English narrated by actor Nigel Planer.