Koutaki is an island way out in the middle of the ocean. As you can see on the map, there are towns, villages, woods and mountains – and in each of these places live people who look different and have very different customs. But instead of causing problems, people are intrigued, and want to find out all about them. So when someone from another place comes to visit, they always welcome them with wide open arms.

In fact there have never been any fights between the inhabitants, they all live together happily and in peace. But they do have enemies who are always out there, lying in wait: the Invisible Warriors! These evil characters have their headquarters in Invisiland, a place that’s marked on the map with a skull. That’s because anyone who goes there is in danger of dying!.

Luckily this grim place is separated from the other towns and villages by the Lake at the End of the World. It’s called the Lake at the End of the World because beyond this point all you’ll find is Invisiland, and that’s definitely not a place that anybody should be visiting. The Machakis village lies to the south of the lake on the banks of the River Celeste, and that’s where Ubloa lives.